Testimonial from a Satistfied Dentist

"Your low pressure approach, along with your openness and honesty on the front end are the primary reasons that I feel absolutely comfortable with the process and result of my practice transaction."

Randall A. Coggins, DMD

ADS South

Testimonial from a Satistfied Dentist

"Missy and I wanted to make your heads even larger and take this opportunity to thank you both for years of guidance, friendship, willingness to butt heads with someone as stubborn as you, and of course your excellent brokereage service over 21 years of professional association with us. Regarding your brokerage, the homework you do on the subject practice, the detailed information you provide, the ongoing consultation immediately available and the ability to work with lenders sets ADS apart form the others. Regarding thinking outside the box, your consistent pushing us into the entrepeneurial side of dental pracitce was a gift that we questioned initially but some of us are slow learners. We have experienced others and rest assured, there is no other company than ADS that will have our future business. We just wanted you to know"

Don Brown