Testimonial from a Satistfied Dentist

"I recently retired and sold my dental practice of forty years. Dr. Earl Douglas at ADS facilitated the transaction for me. I can honestly say that the entire process went more effortlessly and smoothly than I could ever have imagined. Dr. Douglas has vast experience in this field and his guidance was invaluable. At no time did I feel pressured to make a hasty decision or feel rushed just to "close the deal." Also, I might add that he is very good at being equally fair to both parties involved. I would give him my highest recommendation. The service I sought and received was superior, professional, and executed in a timely manner. I was very impressed by Earl and enjoyed getting to know him. He knows how and what is required to meet his clients' goals."

H. C. Davis, Jr., DDS

ADS South

Testimonial from a Satistfied Dentist

"Hey Earl, I want to extend my deepest gratitude for your help in obtaining the practice. Your presentation gave me so much confidence and information it made the entire process that much easier. Thank you for everything you've done and I hope you have a great Fourth!!"

Preston Schryer, DDS