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Thank you for visiting the ADS South web site. Since 1984, Earl Douglas and his associates have served your practice transition, appraisal, associateship services, pre-retirement transition support and expert testimony needs. ADS South is known by its impeccable reputation as being fair, honest and effective in helping dentists plan and implement their practice transition strategies.

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ADS South specializes in dental practice sales in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

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Select Associateships and then click in the map to the left to visit our Associateship opportunities. These listings include conventional associateships as well as the exclusive ADS South Equity Development Partnership opportunities. Earn a practice the safe way, with the least financial risk you will ever encounter.

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The economic model used by ADS South is also licensed by other leading practice transition specialists and even lenders who specialize in dental practice acquisition financing. The model is simple in concept. We compute how much a purchaser can afford to pay for a given practice after making a successful net income and paying the practice overhead expenses. The objective is to calculate how much a purchaser can afford to pay and be successful. This resultant figure is then compared to other practices that have sold and we compare the practice price/gross ratios to see that the subject practice is also within market comparable price ranges. This methodology has been accepted by accountants, lenders, and juries as being a rational, reproducible, and precise measure of price and value.

Practice Brokering

The negotiative brokering style used by ADS South provides the greatest protection for each party yet is very effective in bringing the parties together in friendly win-win sales. We require that each party utilize their own personal representation - attorney and accountant - to review each step of the process and recommend any modifications. We can recommend counsel and accountants to parties who do not have a current relationship, but in each case the counsel is retained by and solely responsible to their client, be it the seller or the purchaser.

The marketing style is comfortable and non-confrontational. There is no pressure or hype. We simply explain the facts and figures to clients so that they can make the best-informed decisions in their own best interests.

Practice Marketing

Practices listed by ADS South are advertised in Dental Economics, the Journal of the American Dental Association, in the American Dental Sales website, on,,, and in the Listings pages of this ADS South website. Many of our clients and prospects are referred to us by word of mouth, others are contacted at conventions or through contacts initiated by ADS South.


It is the rule at ADS South that sellers of practices be paid in cash in full at closing. ADS South puts together complete loan application packages for purchasers to apply to specialized lenders who know the dental practice acquisition business. These lenders are familiar with our approach and can quickly approve and fund practice transactions. The time saved in quick funding allows purchasers to start earning income much sooner, thus adding to their opportunity income.

Equity Associateships

ADS South excels in the structuring of equity associateships. Our exclusive Equity Development Partnership is an alternative to partnerships that prevents equity loss from discounts due to minority interests. It is the safest strategy for associate and owner alike, as well as the most profitable. Before entering into a partnership which can be costly and unpleasant to unwind, dentists would be wise to compare the benefits of the Equity Development Partnership.

Equity Development Partnership - This download provides a simple explanation of The Equity Development Partnership, an extremely safe and profitable alternative to buy-ins and partnerships. This is very important information for practice owners and associates alike.